Tournament regulations


These tournament regulations apply to all (BO) tournaments and the HOSG Open and are binding on all participants.

All tournaments are played according to the official rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Swiss Golf and the local rules of the golf clubs.


1. management and course- General Rules

In accordance with Rule 33, the Committee must state the conditions under which a competition is to be played. The Committee is not authorised to overrule or change any of the Rules of Golf. In principle, the Local Rules posted on the information boards shall apply. "Better scores", "Winter Rules", special scores (Longest Drive/Nearest to the Pin etc.) will be announced at the latest at the start, depending on the course conditions, circumstances or tournament.


2. eligibility

Participation is open to amateurs who are members of a regular member club affiliated to Swiss Golf or a foreign national federation.

Participants agree that all tournament results will be published on the internet on the homepage (and other birdie-open URL's). The secretariat of the tournament series is entitled to inform by letter, fax or e-mail about events in connection with the tournament series.

The participant is aware that picture and film recordings (also with sound) will be made at the event. He/she expressly and irrevocably waives the "right to his/her own image" (also with sound), surrenders this and gives his/her consent to the tournament organiser for later use and publication for information and advertising purposes within the scope of the birdie-open tournament series.

Each golf tournament participant acknowledges that his/her photo may appear on the website and agrees to this. Likewise, golf tournament participants acknowledge and agree that the House of Swiss Golf AG, the tournament management or the commercial partners of the tournaments may use various photographic material for their various advertising, promotional and communicative purposes without compensation.


3. costs and payment

The green fee and the entry fee are charged in accordance with the tariffs of the respective golf club and are to be paid before the start when obtaining the scorecard at the secretary's office of the golf club. The collection will be handled exclusively by the secretary's office of the respective golf club.

The exact costs per tournament can be found in the tournament announcement on or at the respective club.


4. tournament management

Tournaments are managed by the respective golf club. The tournament director is listed by name in the tournament announcement. Decisions of the tournament committee are final. The match director must be available during the tournament.


5. ranger service / procedure on the course

Rangers of the organising golf club will be employed who are authorised to penalise inappropriate delays and slow play (Rule 6-7) (see also point 15 "Slow play"). Start and time controls are also carried out by the rangers. The ranger's instructions must be followed without fail. For questions regarding the tournament procedure as well as for questions regarding the rules, the game management is responsible.


6. tournament prizes (amateur status)

At the tournament series there are many opportunities to go home as a winner with a great prize. In addition to the gross and several net scores, many prizes can be won within the framework of special scores and raffles.

At the international final, will cover the costs for food, accommodation, transfers and green fees as well as the travel costs for the finalists. This amateur statute was approved in consultation with Swiss Golf.


7. tournament registration

The registration list will be posted on the information board of the organising golf club 14 days before the tournament and will be available for online registration on golfsuisse. Earlier registrations can be made directly and at any time via the website. If more registrations are received than the maximum number permitted, a waiting list will be kept. The players concerned will be notified accordingly.

Please note: The tournament registration is binding in accordance with the course and operating regulations of the respective golf club.


8. starting times and flight composition

The tournament management is responsible for the composition of the flights as well as the fixing of the starting times. These are binding.

Requests for starting times and flight partners will be taken into account as far as possible.


9. registration deadline

The registration deadline via for all tournaments is 2 days before the tournament at 11.59 pm. After this time, registrations will be processed by the club and registration deadlines may vary.


10. cancellations

Cancellations are possible until 1 day before the start of the tournament, 12.00 noon. In the event of cancellations after this deadline, the management/golf club reserves the right to charge the entry fee and, in the case of guests, the corresponding green fee.

In the event of repeated no-shows, the management has the right to impose further sanctions.


11. non-appearance (no-show)

In the event of a player's non-appearance, the management or the playing commission of the respective golf club shall have the option of imposing sanctions. The entry fee and green fee will be charged to the player.


12. starting list

The starting list will be posted on the information board of the organising golf club from 2.00 p.m. on the day before the tournament or can be viewed at


13. communication

Short-term changes to the tournament schedule will be announced on the Info Board of the organising golf club. If time permits, information will also be provided via the homepage or by e-mail. (e.g. tournament postponement, cancellation).


14. tournament start

Players must report to the starter 10 minutes before their starting time. A start delay of up to 5 minutes means two penalty strokes in counting play, loss of hole in hole play, then disqualification (Rules 6-3b and 33-7).


15. slow play

Unreasonable delay, slow play (Rule 6-7) is penalised as follows: If a flight is out of position (according to the time limit) and is at least 1 hole behind the flight in front, it may be asked to catch up with the flight in front within the next 3 holes. If he does not succeed, all players in the flight will be penalised with a stroke. If the flight again fails to catch up with the front flight within the next three holes, these players will be assessed two additional penalty strokes. In the event of a third infringement, the flight will be disqualified. In Stableford matches, points (penalty strokes) will be deducted from the player's total score according to Rule 32-1.b.


16. Disqualification

Any disqualification shall automatically result in a suspension from play. The penalty of disqualification must be imposed by the Match Committee if a player submits a lower than required stroke count for any hole. The only exception is if he has not included a penalty of which he was not aware. (Suspension 1 tournament) submits a scorecard on which, with his knowledge, a higher handicap than he is entitled to is entered. (Suspension for 3 tournaments) submits a scorecard that is not signed in accordance with the rules or contains illegible and/or unvisualised score corrections (Suspension for 1 tournament) fails to submit a scorecard or abandons a tournament without sufficient justification. (Suspension for 3 tournaments) for refusal to apply a rule or an improper agreement not to apply a rule between competitors. (ban for 3 tournaments)

In serious cases, the playing commission of the respective golf club and/or the management of shall decide on further measures and consequences.


17. end of tournament

At the end of the tournament round, the signed score cards shall be handed in immediately to the Golf Club Secretary (Rule 6-6b). A tournament shall be deemed to have ended upon delivery of the scorecard.


18. special prices

Longest Drive: To be eligible, the ball must be on the fairway (not in the semirough) of the hole on the day of the tournament. Nearest to the Pin: To be eligible, the ball must come to rest on the green of the hole that is being played on the day of the tournament.


19. betting categories

The division of the betting categories shall be made by the match committee.


20. interruption of play / abandonment

Interruption of play: One shot Restart of play: Two shots in succession Abandonment of play: Three shots in succession If a match is interrupted by the match committee, the position of the ball shall be marked and play interrupted. A new hole may not be started. Play may only be resumed after two shots in succession. If play is stopped, the balls shall be picked up. Irrespective of this, each player has the right to interrupt play independently if there is a risk of thunderstorms.


21. award ceremony and prize giving

As a rule, the award ceremony and prize distribution will take place approximately 30 minutes after the arrival of the last flight. Prizes from winners who are not present will be passed on to the next person on the ranking list. In principle, each player can only win one prize, with the exception of special prizes. In principle, gross takes precedence over net. In case of equal results, the last 9, 6, 3, 2, 1 holes will be scored. In the net ranking, the pro rata handicap is taken into account in the play-off. If the results are still equal after the play-off, the gross result of the player with the higher handicap wins, the net result of the player with the lower handicap wins.


22. photos

Each participant in the golf tournament acknowledges and agrees that his/her photo may appear on the website.


23. Handicap

Each player is responsible for ensuring that he/she enters the tournament with the correct handicap. The HCP's (exact handicap) recorded for the tournament will be automatically adjusted after the tournament by the secretariat of the golf club for participants who belong to a Swiss Golf Club. Each player has the option of taking his/her scorecard (or a copy thereof) with the result, stamp and signature of the tournament director and handing it in to his/her home club for handicap correction.


24. Protests

Protests must be submitted in writing to the tournament committee within 15 minutes of the end of the tournament. Decisions of the match committee are final.


25. sanctions

Violations of the rules and improper behaviour shall be sanctioned by the match committee. In serious cases, the management of is responsible.